The Roman Pantheon: The Triumph of Concrete

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Hoover Dam Section

Hoover Dam - a monument of concrete construction

Modern and Alternative Concrete

This section describes innovative modern day uses of concrete. While not directly related to ancient construction technology, these articles demonstrate man's ingenuity in overcoming construction challenges, from the very large to the very small.

Table of Contents

1. Modern Concrete provides articles on construction of the Hoover dam

2. Alternative Concrete Construction, describes use of bamboo as a reinforcing material for concrete and concrete block construction

1. Modern Concrete

Hoover Dam: A World Renowned Concrete Monument by David Moore, P.E., describes the incredible challenges faced in constructing the largest concrete structure of its time, and the resultin contributions the dam made to winning WW II and developing the American West.

California’s Debt to Hoover Dam by David Moore, P. E., describes the contributions that Hoover Dam has made to the economic development and growth of California. First published in the November/December 1999 issue of People, Land & Water, a news magazine of the US Department of the Interior, Washington DC.  [Top]

2. Alternative Concrete

Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Construction, by Francis E. Brink and Paul J. Rush of the U. S. NAVAL CIVIL ENGINEERING LABAORATORY, 1966. This report was written to assist field personnel in the design and construction of bamboo reinforced concrete. The information in this report has been compiled from reports of test programs by various researchers and represents current opinion. The paper includes comments on the selection and preparation of bamboo for reinforcing, construction principles for bamboo reinforced concrete, and design procedures. Includes structural charts for bamboo reinforced concrete and conversion methods for translating from steel reinforced concrete design. Six design examples are presented.

Photos (photo 1 and photo 2) of bamboo reinforcing being used in concrete block construction by the US Navy for a radar site at Tarlue Naval Station in the Phillipines. Shows details in lashing the bamboo rods together. Date: sometime in the 1960's. Photographaer: unknown. Current status or performance of the building: unknown.   [Top]

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