The Roman Pantheon: The Triumph of Concrete

Research by David Moore, P.E.

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Pantheon dome

How did the Romans build the Pantheon? That question led to the creation of this web site.


This site is dedicated to sharing information and resources on ancient construction technology, especially Roman construction materials, tools, and methods. The goal is to understand and better appreciate the advances mankind made thousands of years ago in developing sophisticated, beautiful and practical structures that, in some cases, still stand today. David Moore provided the inspiration for this site. He wrote the book The Roman Pantheon: The Triumph of Concrete after retiring as a construction engineer.

Your questions and suggestions for improvement to this site are always welcome. Please contribute a reference, an article or photos.


Mr. Moore has a companion site dedicated to preserving the experiences of Americans who served in WW II. This site includes the feature article about Mr. Moore's experience as a young Seabee during WW II at the battle of Saipan in the Pacific, photos of the island, and other WW II reminisces. The site also shares articles on facing medical challenges and home care with the hope that they will help others during their senior years.

David Moore

David Moore, P. E., was a distinguished Registered Professional Civil Engineer with more than 45 years of wide-ranging civilian, military and academic experience. A few of his major positions include: Project Engineer, Construction Manager, Manager for Planning, Programming, and Construction, Supervisor of Utility Engineering, and Supervisory Aerospace Engineer. He held BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering and the Degree of Engineer from Stanford University. He served in combat with the US Navy (Seabees) on Saipan in WW II.

David Moore served as an adjunct Professor of Engineering for a junior college where he taught a wide variety of college courses including drafting and design, applied physics and machine drawing.  Mr. Moore also taught mathematics at the University level.

David Moore passed on in 2012, but he continues to be an inspiration to friends and family who knew him as "Dave".

John Moore

John Moore is David Moore's son. John developed and maintains the web site. John is a mechanical engineer, software engineer and project management consultant. Any mistakes or errors on this site should be directed to him for correction.

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