The Roman Pantheon: The Triumph of Concrete

Research by David Moore, P.E.

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A street in Pompeii, click to enlarge

Take a walk through classic examples of concrete construction

Photo Albums

These photo albums contain images of Roman buildings and construction methods. See Note about use of these photos

1. A walk around the Pantheon - views
of the exterior from street level with a few interior shots. 22 photos. By Annarita Romano.

2. The Pantheon, November 2003 -
exterior photos and many interior shots. 49 photos. By John E. Moore.

3. Pompeii, November 2003 - many
general photos of the city which was built mainly with Roman concrete. By John E. Moore.

4. The Pantheon: Photos by Bill Storage and Laura Maish - this site by professional photographers Bill and Laura conatins excellent shots of the Pantheon, many at night. Contact the owners before using the photos as they are copyrighted. The site contains many other photo albums of ancient Rome and Italy. See also photos of all of Italy, photos of Rome, and busts of Roman emperors. There are also many other beautiful photos on the site and even photographic advice! A real treat.

Whats New

Dec 2003 - Photo albums added of Pantheon and Pompeii

Note - These photographs are offered for the individual's interest in understanding more about Roman concrete and Roman construction methods. Consult the owners of the photos if you would like to use them.

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