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Gettysburg to Appomattox: The South's Critical Failures

David Moore
221 pages
Copyright © 2010 David Moore

What were the failures that contributed to the Confederate Army losing the U.S. Civil War? This is the purpose of this work of history that explores in detail the underlying economic and military forces that initiated and sustained the Civil War, but which ultimately led to failure by the South. This book focuses on two major Civil War conflicts, the battle for Gettysburg and the final set of battles from Petersburg to Appomattox, to identify the primary factors that contributed to the South loosing the Civil War, even though it had outstanding leadership and high morale.

This book explores many of the underlying causes of the conflict and highlights many little known facts about the key players. Did you know that within 40 hours of Jefferson Davis abandoning the Confederate White House, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln walked into Richmond Virginia with only a simple military escort and sat at Davis's desk! There are also many interesting parallels between key players who fought at Gettysburg and who met later in the final battles of the war.

This book is aimed at a general audience and can be used by high school students studying the Civil War.

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About the Author:

David Moore is a retired civil engineer with a long interest in military history. Mr. Moore served as a SeaBee in WWII, and later served as an officer in the US Navy Reserves, retiring with the rank of Commander. See his biography for more details.

David Moore is also the author of:
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Copyright © 2010 David Moore